Last time a small band of slaves, scoundrels and seers rose to fame and fortune in Antonium, the Mikaanese capital. They fought cultists and cats, and eventually saved the life of the Empress, Aramind Ventor. However, there is no rest and no lasting peace in the lands of Blood and Bronze. Maman, the amiable former master of The Black Bowl and Kilarra’s cherished uncle has gone missing. Somewhere to the north in the steppe lands of Rho, a group calling themselves the Sons and Daughters of Shaq wage a guerilla war against both the armies of Caerne and Mikaan in the name of their hero Shaq the Free. Dangerously close to the enigmatic Enko temple complexes the homeland of the mysterious elf Zuril, Mount Ogom has erupted devastating the trading nation of Huwenset.

This is round two of the Hammurak playtest and the first big push to make all the information easily accessible for eventual release as as a Pathfinder campaign setting based on swords and sandals heroics and the dark brooding adventure stories of Robert E. Howard.

Hammurak: Path of the Sun

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