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Nations Locations Races
Barcoby Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Half-elves, Giants
Caerne Holy Kalbekel, Lajochi Half-orcs, Halflings, Humans, Orcs
Aegen’Woll Halflings
Etzhandi Goliaths, Humans
Enko Elves, Hlaf-elves
Huwenset Goliath, Human
Mikaan Antonium
Mikaanese Occupied Caerne Amigus

The lands of Hammurak are harsh and brutal, for mortals it is a punishing existence. However in a mortal where might and will meet a great fortune can be won and a place among the stars with the living Gods may be within your grasp. Begin your journey here

  • Point Buy – 27 points. You must have at least one ability at level 1 with a negative modifier
  • Choose one campaign trait or racial trait and one additional trait, you may take up to two Hindrances to take two additional Traits.
  • The primitive technology of Hammurak restricts the available weapons and the materials they may be built from, refer to Ancient Equipment for more information
  • Select your languages by consulting Languages, you do not get bonus languages for having a high intelligence score. The Linguistics skill works regularly however.
  • Available Races and Classes are noted below. They are organized here by rarity. You may choose any class or from the list regardless of rarity. You may not choose Mythic races.

Races of Hammurak

Common Uncommon Rare Mythic
Humans Touched Phoenarchs Giants
Half-Orcs Dwarves Halflings Minotaurs
Elves Goliaths Merfolk
Half-Elves Orcs Satyrs


Common Uncommon Rare Mythic
Barbarian Bard Hellenic Sorceress Wizard
Druid Magus Oracle Eldritch Godling
Fighter Monk Sorcerer Mighty Godling
Rogue Occultist Summoner Clever Godling
Shaman Ranger Witch Adept Godling

Current Projects

Tag Task Completion
BI Updates from before the insurrection 0
Characters Upload all BI characters and give them a few lines 15%
Nations Choose format, rewrite nation guides, names 55%
Creation Guide Update to new rules 5%
Religion Write Pantheons and Gods 0
Traits Write Traits 0

Main Page

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