The United Free Cities of Barcoby
Government Twelve Independent Free City States
Ruling Body The Council of Twelve Kings
Population Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Half-elves
Language Barcobene
Capital Disputed
The archipelago of Barcoby juts out into the the Hammurak sea, its northern borders nestled between Caerne and the Lands of the God-Kings.



A lush but rocky land of forests and islands famed for its olive groves and vineyards. The City-states of Barcoby comprise a loose federation of free city-states that openly make wars against one another. They are bound by geographic and ancient tribal alliances that allow for unification when faced with external threats. The ties of one Barcobene state to another has let them remain more or less free in light of their location in the centre of the attention of the Mikaanese Empire, Caerne and the Lands of the God-Kings.

Power and Politics

The ruler ship of the city-states are at any one time difficult to predict and not uniform in structure. Citizens of almost all member-states enjoy unique freedoms of speech, personal wealth and even democracy though the criteria for citizenship is wildly variable and restrictive depending on the particular city-state in question.

The People

Originally home to sprawling Mountain cities of the Dream Dwarves and the monumental temple complexes of the elves. Human settlements built around these ancient buildings but partly due to their rapid population growth human cities have almost completely subsumed the homes of the older races.


Most people of Barcoby worship at the many temples representing the Gods and Heroes of the Golden Hall which sits in northern Barcoby atop Mount Holios. The Gos of the Golden Hall are most active on Barcoby it is home to many Godspawned Magical Beasts as well as an uncountable number of demi-gods and godlings that blur the line between mortal and divine being.

Notable city-states.

Elmucia the city of sculptures is a haven for artisans and craftsmen. Rothonia the warrior state women are excluded from citizenship all men must serve the armies for ten years. Ghaenia the religious centre of Barcoby sits at the foot of Mount Holios the home of the Gods of the Golden Hall. Magne a famed port island where trade and gold is king, ruled by Merchant Kings. Milophepis one of the centres of philosophy in Barcoby home to the famed philosopher Xanto Lampia and her school of Lampic Philosophy. Hazios is a lush island in southern Barcoby famed for its vineyards and fig groves but also haunted with tales of terrifying beasts.


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