House Kaszander

First of the Name Strong Zod Kaszander
Primarch Izak Kaszander
Traits Yellow to Gold Skin, Great Stature
Lineage Efreet
Holdings Antonium, Amigus, Cordium

House Kaszander was a prominent house before the Cataclysm that manifest power from the plane of fire during the destruction. A particular and unique house, the Kaszanders are one of the feww planetouched houses that do not have a Sunblood mortal origin. Tracing their lineage to Goliath slaves used as rowers on merchant ships the original members of House Kaszander were not even blood relations, proving to be valiant warriors during a pirate attack a dozen Goliath slaves were made free and given each a goodly purse of gold. To the surprise of the Mikaanese the Goliaths pooled their reward and bought their own ship. Over the course of decades the ship soon grew into a fleet and then a vast trading empire and finally a powerful house in its own right. The name Kaszander is drawn from a Goliath hero of legend who was said to ride into battle on the back of a rhinoceros wielding two great clubs, and for a brief moment united the Goliaths of Moziq under one great tribe to drive out the slavers from Shet. Since its inception few non­-Goliaths have been allowed to enter House Kaszander and until the cataclym they were seen by most Sunbloods as a second ­class house. Goliath lineage can still be glimpsed in the scions of the house who stand usually stand a foot taller than their other Mikaanese brethren. House Kaszander is strange in many ways two of the foremost of those being that they refuse to use the labour of slaves on their vessels or in their warehouses or shops and that they accept non plane-touched as spouses as long as they are Goliath.


Izak Kaszander – Torea Rasius

  1. Symera Kaszander – Koran Kaldor – 8 children
  2. Demus Kaszander – Limina Exurus – 2 children
  3. Jura Kaszander – Nominus Kaldor – 9 children
  4. Terik Kaszander – Urilla Tenus deceased – 2 children
  5. Oti Kaszander – Ymina Janaisus – 2 children
  6. Pavik Kaszander – Tanara Ramus – 1 child
  7. Orica Kaszanderunmarried

House Kaszander

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